"A" series

"A" series kayaks are ideal for leisure rides, optimal for fishing and family trips. They are incredibly stable and maneuver.


A report on 300-km rafting on the Desna is shared by Doonsee 

"Alpha-Zet" series

Надувная байдарка с элементами каркаса Alpha-Z - новая модель, которая стала правопреемником байдарок А-серии ZelGear. Модель имеет ряд новых интересных конструктивных элементов, которые усилили ее прочность и улучшили ходовые качества. Впервые ZelGear выпустил модель с днищем из материала Air-deck.

"Needle" series

Kayak "Igla" is quick-running, narrower compared with other inflatable kayaks and elegant.

You will spend a minimum of efforts and time for its assembly/disassembly. What you have

to do is simply unroll the kayak, pump it and it is possible to hit the trail.

Wonderful video report of DreamTeam about their trip on the river Teterev, Ukraine - here.

Каяки для белой воды

Надувные каяки с днищем высокого давления и с системой самослива предназначены для сплава по горным рекам невысоких категорий сложности (до 3 к.с.).

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Stable and manoeuvrable single kayak Alpha-Z-370 is ideal for fishing and for resting on the water.

19 000 UAH**

Stable and manoeuvrable tandem kayak Alpha-Z-430 is ideal for fishing and having rest on water.

22 600 UAH**

Stable and manoeuvrable trio kayak Alpha-Z-520 is ideal for fishing and for rest on the water.

24 600 UAH**

Needle kayaks are high-speed and elegant. Due to rather narrow sides, a distinguished nose and a length, this boat has most advantages of the frame kayaks.

23 500 UAH**

The most popular model of the Needle family of inflatable kayaks is a true "Jack of all trades"

25 800 UAH**

Sport inflatable kayak-deuce. Feel the speedand get all advantages of inflatable kayak

25 800 UAH**

Excellent kayak for three persons for a family vacation or rental. Quick assembly (blowing) + great driving performance: all for user's convenience and comfort.

29 100 UAH**

Stable and manoeuvrable single kayak  Neris A-340 is ideal for fishing and for resting on the water.

15 700 UAH 12 560 UAH**

Due to round cylinders this kayak-deuce is very stable. Comfortable sewn seats provide comfort while paddling.

21 000 UAH 16 800 UAH**

Children - extraordinary imitators. Who does not dream to become the captain of your own ship! Inflatable kayak Junior - small copy of an adult model, A-340.

8 350 UAH**

Компактная и удобная маленькая лодка-плотик поможет попасть в самые труднодоступные места!

6 500 UAH**

Надувное сиденье из материала ТПУ  может применяться как удобное дополнительное посадочное место в байдарке.

550 UAH**

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Inflatable kayaks are quick and easy to assemble – it is enough to simply pump the boat, spending for this 5-15 minutes. Boat is packed in one bag weighing from 9 to 28 kg, depending on the model, whereby it is easy to transport and store a kayak.

ZelGear kayaks features:

- suitable for rivers, lakes, seas and reservoirs, inflatable structure, in contrast to the frame kayaks, performs well on the waves;

- all inflatable kayaks are single-layered, made of the German PVC boat material. You can use kayaks on rapids of simple categories (1-2 category of complexity);

- on inflatable items are installed bleed valves of Italian manufacturer Scoprega;

- bottom has a convex shape, cylinder of the average diameter is slightly larger than other;

- we have developed a double aluminum skeg which perfectly holds the course. It is inserted into the pocket on the rear. Kayak must be completely deflated. When inflating the skeg is firmly fixed and cannot be lost;

- comfortable fit. Kayak is spacious, seat is regulated with straps;

- due to the fact that kayaks are inflatable (cylinders and bottom), they have a greater stability and load capacity.

At present, we produce two lines of inflatable kayaks – series "Igla" and series "A".

The main feature of "Igla" kayaks are its narrow sides and stern nose. Floating  properties are more similar to framed kayaks – nose cuts through the water, kayak moves faster. "Igla" is good for long rides, has narrower and taller sides, maintains course well, but is a little less rides and maneuverable than "A" kayaks. Average speed for leisurely hikes is- 6 km/h, in the marathon mode – 8,5 km/h.

Series "A" kayaks are very stable, it is good to swim and fish from them. They move well. You can expect to cover 20 km per day, although this line of kayaks is not as speedy as "Igla".

For more information about inflatable kayaks, series "Igla" or series "A" kayaks, see the articles by Oleg Sizon.

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