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Stable and manoeuvrable single kayak  Neris A-340 is ideal for fishing and for resting on the water.

14 300 UAH 11 440 UAH**

Due to round cylinders this kayak-deuce is very stable. Comfortable sewn seats provide comfort while paddling.

19 450 UAH 15 560 UAH**

Children - extraordinary imitators. Who does not dream to become the captain of your own ship! Inflatable kayak Junior - small copy of an adult model, A-340.

8 350 UAH**

Двухслойное надувное сиденье с карабином-креплением может служить удобным дополнительным посадочным местом в байдарке

890 UAH**

Комфортная надувное сиденье с шитой спинкой скрасит любой водный поход

1 550 UAH**

"A" series kayaks are ideal for leisure rides, optimal for fishing and family trips. They are incredibly stable and maneuver.


A report on 300-km rafting on the Desna is shared by Doonsee 


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