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Needle kayaks are high-speed and elegant. Due to rather narrow sides, a distinguished nose and a length, this boat has most advantages of the frame kayaks.

19 750 UAH**

Sport inflatable kayak-deuce. Feel the speedand get all advantages of inflatable kayak

23 250 UAH**

The most popular model of the Needle family of inflatable kayaks is a true "Jack of all trades"

22 900 UAH**

Excellent kayak for three persons for a family vacation or rental. Quick assembly (blowing) + great driving performance: all for user's convenience and comfort.

26 000 UAH**

Двухслойное надувное сиденье с карабином-креплением может служить удобным дополнительным посадочным местом в байдарке

890 UAH**

Комфортная надувное сиденье с шитой спинкой скрасит любой водный поход

1 550 UAH**

Благодаря жестким упорам гребец ещё лучше чувствует лодку, повышается общая управляемость байдаркой. 

520 UAH**

Kayak "Igla" is quick-running, narrower compared with other inflatable kayaks and elegant.

You will spend a minimum of efforts and time for its assembly/disassembly. What you have

to do is simply unroll the kayak, pump it and it is possible to hit the trail.

Wonderful video report of DreamTeam about their trip on the river Teterev, Ukraine - here.

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10.01.2018 17:46:45

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