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Катамаранное весло итальянского производителя Браво, Скопрега длиной 160 см.

615 UAH**

Fast and powerful electric pump. It has two versions - can inflate the boat from the cigarette lighter or battery machine

560 UAH**

Fiberglass telescopic paddle. Collapsible 3 parts

1 540 UAH**

Compact hand double action pump of the Italian manufacturer's. Gives pressure 8 psi.

650 UAH**

Paddle with aluminum Shaft length 225 cm and weighing 1150. Grips handle in shrinkable polyolefin, elaborate blade, beautiful color.

1 055 UAH**

Лучшее весло из линейки итальянских весел. Имеет шафт из стекловолокна и сверхпрочную пластиковую лопатку. Длина весла - 225 см

1 440 UAH**

Very resistent and most volumetric hand pump with height of  70 cm for professional use. Pumping speed - 400 l / min

3 420 UAH**

Low-volume foot pump for pumping small inflatables - sleds, circles, bagels.

85 UAH**

Sometimes valves on inflatable products can begin to play off the air because of frequent use. Please, don't worry , you just need to Tighten the valve and the problem weill be solved.
80 UAH**

45 UAH**

Collapsible paddles for kayaks with fiberglass or aluminum shaft of Bravo, Scoprega (Italy) production. Have Stylish design and Excellent quality. Paddle blades are made from extra strong plastic with 40% fiberglass and limiters for water


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