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Needle-2. Inflatable kayak with elements of frame

Price: 23 000 UAH**
Product code (SKU):  4052020


Number of seats:  2
The formation of kayak:  inflatable with elements of frame
Lenght, sm:  520
Width:  90
Weight:  25
Weight in set:  28
The volume of the luggage compartment, l:  230
Load capacity, kg:  260
Pressure release valves:  3 pressure release valves by Scoprega (Italy)
Skeg:  yes
Fittings:  YKK
Material:  PVC 850 g/m2
Pump:  in Set
Packaging dimensions, sm:  100 х 55 х 25
Number of inflatable elements:  3
Also in Set:  repair kit, carry bag, instruction
Manufacturer:  ZelGear
Manufacturing country:  Ukraine
Warranty:  3 years

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Первый выход на воду

Rem (02.09.2015 13:56:51)
Ну вот, удалось немного потестировать байдарку Игла-2.
Хочу отметить неплохие ходовые качества. Байдарка довольно быстра и хорошо рулится.
Удобные сиденья, много места для вещей. Да и вообще качество изготовления и комплектация вызывает положительные впечатления.
Из минусов могу отметить малую (на мой взгляд) остойчивость. Т.е. при любом неловком движении или, например, при синхронном гребке по одному борту байдарка норовит резко накренится, и крены эти бывают весьма существенны, что вызывает опасения.

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The most popular model of the Needle family of inflatable kayaks is a true "Jack of all trades". On slow-flowing rivers and lakes it can be used for day trips and races as a tandem touring boat that matches framed or even hard-shell kayaks in speed, while easily beating these in terms of safety, reliability, and convenience - thanks to fast and simple assembly (inflation) and repair.  Easy transportation and storage of the (deflated) boat in an overwhelming advantage, a real deal breaker. 

Since this kayak is in actual fact inflatable, the assembly time (inflating) is 15 minutes, the same as for any inflatable boat.

Inflatable kayak Needle 2 with drybags

While not a specialized white water kayak,  Needle can easily handle moderate rapids of class 2 and 3, especially when equipped with the optional skirt.    

Igla-2 is a superb expedition boat. It has approximately 230 liters of cargo space and besides two paddlers can carry about 260 kg (550 lbs) of food and gear for long autonomous trips. Even when fully loaded,  Igla-2 retains its tracking, stability and speed, allowing experienced paddlers to use better paddling technique to their advantage.

 Cross-sections of both side tubes in Igla kayak look like "figure 8", thanks to proprietary internal baffles.  This makes sides a lot thinner. As a result, Igla has narrowest and fastest hall of all inflatable kayaks on the market, yet has a generous amount of the internal space.   

This sport-tourists model satisfies several basic requirements of the modern tourist:
• easy and quick assembly
• excellent floating properties
• capaciousness
• comfortable fit
• quality and reliability (3-year warranty)
• stylish design

Needle kayaks on Kiev's sea

The basic model of the family of inflatable kayaks "Igla" has the greatest flexibility in application. On lowland rivers and lakes it can be used as two-seater tourist ship almost as good as frame kayak for light one-day trips or even for regular training in rowing. In the same time, this boat easily beats frame kayaks in terms of survivability, reliability, maintainability while ease of assembly-disassembly and transportation has an overwhelming advantage.

 With crew of two rowers, the boat has sufficient volume capacity approx. 230 liters of luggage and carrying capacity (burden) of 260 kg for the success of autonomous water trips. When fully loaded, it remains extremely salable, does not require extra efforts to follow the course, and allows the rowers to use all the techniques of kayak paddling on flat water.

 Each cylinder has two separate longitudinal elements that makes kayak much narrower than other inflatable models and save the internal space to accommodate the load (equipment).

A detailed technical description of kayaks series needle - in Blog


Inflatable kayak with elements of frame Needle-2

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